In a moment of intense Bari-Weiss-fueled antipathy

I tried to log into my deactivated Twitter account but it’s lost forever.

That’s the spirits talking, saying, do not make your offering to Bari Weiss. However… it’s clear that offerings do not come abstract and though they also do not come contingent, they must become something to mean anything.

There are, unfortunately, an abundance of unreflective people hired to inform. Aloof readers, hired to write. Excitable relations who do not listen.

The spirits say, the healing is yours to receive, and only then will you know how to give. They say, I’m happy to share with you that we have deleted your account.

And I was always taught in a series of arguments—of But, However, And, Still. And never No. And never silence. I learned Hmmm just in time but

It seemed, on landing upon Bari Weiss’s latest pronouncements, I had entered a vortex of hot air flush to my cheeks, none of the energy my own or shared. (I don’t know her.) I had to remember my lessons. Call and response. You, yes you. What the fuck “Don’t judge, notice” actually means. What the fuck it doesn’t mean.

Had to remember I learned it means it means it means you do not have to take everything you’re offered. Yes, say it again. You do not have to take what you’re offered. In fact, to thrive at all, you will have to breathe, notice, say No so often, it will become mantra. (Even to yourself.) You’ll be floating in cross-legged position, your hips not even aching (spiritually speaking), and you’ll be saying resounding NOs as an abundance of Mmmm Yeses.

They don’t teach critics this.


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