The extraordinary, truly envious thing about being a poet is that you have a realm of being in which no one can nor desires to make you do anything. It…

August 2021

Notes in preparation for the novel: He claims that O’Hara “doesn’t introspect or recollect much,” which is a lie if we’ve read the same thing. Every…

March 2021

There was no plot. Before he said it, he knew she would say this didn’t matter, not that this was the point. It was childish to reply this way to a…

February 2021

It had been a good time to get pregnant. She was in the middle of everything at once, and it was going OK. It was best to be distracted while pregnant…

January 2021

A series of data points, an array of successes

December 2020

I was soaring down the 33 on my way home from the dry cleaners, blasting Sam’s Town by The Killers. A self-help album intensely beloved by me. When we…

October 2020

Because I don't want you to try to figure it out for yourself

August 2020

In enthusiastic recognition of Joe Brainard
A virtual workshop

May 2020

There’s no money in poetry……… What to say except that when you contemplate the best thing to do with the one life you have, as it were. That there’s no…

April 2020

Everyone who thinks they're a listener is a talker

March 2020

Love stories as a sequence of non-events